Freelance photographer / Filmmaker

Email: samuelpicas [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone: +33620907037

Instagram @samuelpicas

Samuel Picas is a photographer, director and director of photography.

He works as DOP for documentaries (Arte, TV5, France-Tv, etc) and visual productions (Les films d’ici, Doc en stock, MC4, Darjeeling Prod, La clairière, Images & Compagnie, Magneto-Tv, Flach Films, Prova, etc).

Filmography as director :
La Duce Vita (2012) ; Grano Amaro (2019) ; Vous serez parés pour le vent (ongoing project).

His photographs also can be seen in publications such as Parigramme books,, Journal Marianne, Paris World Wide magazine ; he collaborates with organizations and companies such as Hermès, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Being, Ratp, Univers Poche, 10/18, Centre national du livre, etc.

Winner of the open call for documentaries Tënk / Mediapart : Grano amaro
Winner of the grant Coup de Pouce FIGRA : Ici c’est nulle part.
Winner of the grant Scam Brouillon d’un rêve multimedia and special prize at festival Visa pour l’image : La Duce Vita.

Based in Paris, France.